Kirson Design Group –  luxury interior and architecture

Evija Kirsone-Slavinska (Ķirsone-Slavinska), founder, artist, interior architect and designer of Kirson Design Group:

“I am truly honoured to work in a fantastic collective alongside intelligent, smart, heart-centred people with good taste.

The beginning of company’s style started 20 years ago, when alongside with my mother Larisa, I created interiors for the restaurants owned by my father Gunars Kirsons (Gunārs Ķirsons). My style is developed by careful examination of Latvian ornaments, searching and understanding the artefacts found at Latvian farmsteads, and by studying the history of our nation.

The advantage of my company is the talented professionals: painters and sculptors, architects, wood-carvers and blacksmiths, whose craftsmanship lies in both hands and heart. The genuine intelligence allows us to create an exclusive style."